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VECTOR V-PRO 17 dBi UMTS antenna

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  The sector antenna VECTOR V-PRO UMTS is characterized by high energetical gain of 17 dBi. The antenna operates in vertical polarization. It is designed as a base station antenna. These antennas are made from the very best materials, both weather-proof and UV-proof. The antennas area sealed up with special plastics which provides perfect radio signal for years without conservation. The VECTOR UMTS antenna is destined to work in licensed radio bands and allows building wide-range, high data flow UTMS cells. Mounting allows precise antenna adjustment. Using Vector H-PRO and Vector V-PRO antenna sets renders significant noise reduction in single radio cell.

 Installation manual 

Technical specification:

Gain 17 dBi
Frequency 1900 - 2160 MHz
Vertical beam width 6 degrees
Horizontal beam width 90 degrees
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connector N type socket (female)
VSWR 1.4
Radiating unit shortcut
Dimensions 740 / 120 / 60 mm
Weightq 1.4 kg
Backward radiation -28 dBi
Polarization vertical
Mounting Mast handle, diameter from 1/2 to 7/4 inch (allows full rotation and azimuth correction).
Radiation patterns:
Azimuth Elevation


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